Diagnosis is the process of identifying a medical condition or disease by its signs, symptoms, and from the results of various diagnostic procedures by using biochemical, radiological, magnetic resonance and ultrasound methodologies. The conclusion reached through this process is called diagnosis.

Al-Khidmat Charity Australia Diagnostic Centre Motive

AL-Khidmat foundation started many projects with an aim to improve health facilities for the public. AL Khidmat Foundation has established a Diagnostic Center in District Mansehra in since November 2011, Diagnostic Center have registered with Health Care Commission KPK. Al-Khidmat Charity Australia Diagnostic Center all types of Blood and Urine tests are performed on the latest equipment’s. This laboratory is established only with one motive i.e., to give relief to the people regarding Lab Investigations. Those patients who cannot afford their investigation(s) we entertain them with economical cost or free of cost. All tests are performed on less prices compare to market price with high standards under the supervision of Qualified Associated Medical Staff 24/7.

People at Alkhidmat Lab Are Driven by Core Values

Alkhidmat Lab exists to serve. The people who work at the lab are driven by the core values of honesty, integrity and responsibility. Our core values must reflect in our work, so that our patients can trust us to do our best at all times.

  1. Honesty     Integrity       3.     Responsibility

Service is our Recognition

Serving is the real idea behind the existence of Alkhidmat Lab. Every employee of Alkhidmat Lab is dedicated with the passion to serve our patients with best of our abilities. Each of us performs his duty with complete honesty and responsibility. We believe in working with full devotion and we don’t stop until our patients are satisfied. Therefore, from patient’s registration to the delivery of the reports and after that, Alkhidmat Lab performs every step for patient’s best interest.

Learning never ends

We never stop getting better from what we do for our patients, even if we have achieved the best we can. We keep training our people and updating our technology simultaneously.

Collection Center

A Collection unit/center is a platform through which specimens are collected and sent to the nearest Model or Mega Diagnostic Centre. These Collection Units are intended to facilitate the people by providing easiest accessibility.

Problem Analysis:

Mansehra is the 3rd largest district of KPK Province. Mansehra has population of 3 million. District Mansehra was badly affected in earthquake 2005. Thousands of people died and more than 50,000 families lost their houses. Hospitals, Schools and other infrastructure were also destroyed. Majority of population belongs to lower class and is unable to afford Health Services of Private Sector. Public Hospitals do not have sufficient facilities to cater such huge population.